Scholar’s ChallengeHosted by Meridian Order of the Blade. This challenge is open to all  authorized fencers who are NOT members of Orders of High Merit or MOD.  All rapier legal forms (excluding 2 handed weapons)  pools to seed direct elimination.

Capo Ferro Challenge – Sponsored by the Order of the Chalice
This is a fundraiser tournament; entry is $10. The challenge is a single elimination open to anyone authorized for rapier and is limited to a single rapier (one-handed weapons only.)

Queen’s ChallengeHosted by Her Royal Majesty. This challenge is open to all authorized fighters. Rapier legal(single handed weapon) and dagger. Double elimination.

Balefire Pit ChallengeSponsored by the Order of the Rose The challenge is a Bear Pit open to anyone authorized for rapier and participants may fight with any rapier legal weapons forms (excluding 2 handers) that is agreeable to the participants.

Fechtschule Challenge Hosted by the Masters of Defense. This challenge is open to all authorized C&T fighters.  All Cut & Thrust legal forms. Round Robin- 3 hits.

Militia ChallengeHosted by The Militaes Legio Ursi. This is a melee challenge and is open to all  authorized fighters.  All rapier legal weapons. It is a random 3 person melee, person on the winning team the most wins this challenge will be timed.

Chivalry Challenge – Sponsored by the Chivalry The challenge is a double elimination open to anyone authorized for rapier that is not a member of the Order of Defense and participants are required to fight with rapier (one-handed weapons only) and shield. If both combatants are C&T authorized they may compete as their bout as such.

Grand Challenge- This will be the winner  from each challenge. The King may select a fighter who hasn’t won any of the Challenges to advance to the Grand Challenge.  Best of 3 matched weapons. Double elimination.


  • Pre-registration is encouraged but not required to participate. (In particular for Scholar’s Challenge so pools can be built ahead of time)
  • A fighter can enter any and all challenges for which they are authorized and meet the entry criteria
  • A fighter may enter and win more than one Challenge.
  • Only the winner of each Challenge will advance to the Grand Challenge.
  • Any fighter running into the boundaries of the list field, unless physically forced, will receive one warning and will forfeit the match upon second occurrence.
  • any fighter that physically forces another into the boundaries will forfeit the match.

you may pre-register using this link: