• Pre-registration is encouraged but not required to participate. (In particular for Scholar’s Challenge so pools can be built ahead of time)
  • A fighter can enter any and all challenges for which they are authorized and meet the entry criteria
  • Only the winner of each Challenge will advance to the Champion’s Challenge.
  • Any fighter running into the boundaries of the list field, unless physically forced, will receive one warning and will forfeit the match upon second occurrence.
  • Any fighter that physically forces another into the boundaries will forfeit the match.
  • If you are victorious in a single tournament, you are ineligible for all subsequent tournaments, excepting the Champion’s Challenge.

Tournament Pre-registration Form: Coming Soon


Militia Challenge
History: based upon the Armatura from Meridian Grand Tournament.

Open to all authorized fencers. This is a timed tournament of the ‘pig of the field’ variety. The entrants are split into three lines. Teams are formed by taking the first person in each line. They are then sent to a field where they do battle against another team of three. Everyone on the winning team gets a point. The losing team goes back to the lines, all three in the same (shortest) line; this prevents the same team from coming up over and over. If a team wins three fights in a row, each member gets a bonus ‘pig of the field’ point and then retires to the lines (all members in the same line). Two teams are then called to battle in the now empty field. You can have all four fields going at once in this tournament.

Scholar’s Challenge
History: based upon the Cadet Tourney that was introduced at Tourney of the Foxes in 2015.

Exclusions: Members of the Order of Defense along with members of the Meridian Order of the Blade, White Scarf,  or other rapier Orders of High Merit.
The tournament format is based upon standard, modern fencing tournaments. It consists of two rounds with a 4 to 5 person seeded pool feeding a seeded single elimination round. Fencers may use any weapons form and are not required to match their opponent’s chosen form.

Queen’s Challenge
History: based upon standard double Elimination Queen’s Prize tourneys. In the inaugural tourney, the winner moved to the Champion’s Challenge, and the Queen’s Rapier Champion was chosen by the queen for their display and embodiment of Chivalry.

Only Meridians intending to go to Gulf War should enter the tourney. Standard double elimination tournament. The weapons form is limited to rapier and dagger.

Capo Ferro Challenge – hosted by the Votaries of the Luminaries Azure

This is a single elimination tourney with single rapier being the only allowed weapon form. Katannas and arming swords are allowed if they generally conform to an overall length consistent with standard rapier. The use of anything longer, such as claymore or great sword, is at the discretion of the MIC and the opponent facing the “non-standard” weapon.

Fechtschule Challenge:
History: conceived as a round robin to be fought between rounds of other tournaments. When 20 competitors entered the first time out, it was changed on the fly to single elimination and slotted on half the field. The other half was used for Don David Twynham’s oral examination and demonstration for Order of Defense.

A single elimination tournament utilizing Cut & Thrust rules and weapons and a first blood, best 2 out of 3 format.

Bear Pit Challenge  – hosted by the Barony of Iron Mountain
History: standard Bear Pit with one running in each field being fed by a central set of lines. The Barony of Iron Mountain was the first sponsor and the Baroness fought in the tourney. We had planned 45 minutes for the original tourney but were running long and cut back to 20.

There are four bear pits running simultaneously fed from a single set of lines. Each person holds the field until they are defeated. The marshal will give the fighter a number of tokens that match his wins in the pit. You can specify a single weapon form or leave it open to the participants. If you allow multiple forms, they cannot change while they are in the bear pit.

Defender’s Challenge – hosted by the Meridian Order of Defense
History: conceived of as a double elimination tournament limited to rapier and rigid defensive secondary. Based on limited time, it was cut back to single elimination. People also requested to use soft parry devices and this was allowed.

Exclusions: members of the Order of Defense. A single elimination tournament for rapier and defensive secondary.

Champion’s Challenge – hosted by His Royal Majesty Adhemar de Rouen III
The victor from each tournament competes in a round robin Swiss 5-style tournament to determine the Meridian Grand Rapier Champion. C&T will be allowed if both combatants are authorized.